Excerpt from Woodlot
The 3rd KWAG Biennial 
By Sally MacKay

"We see an even more scientific abstraction in “Metre,” by Andrew Wright. The artwork literally measures itself, existing as a technical description of the space it inhabits. The sculpture consists of a series of metre-long bars that each bear the phrase indicating the International Standard Definition of a Metre, “the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum in a time interval of 1/299 798 452 of a second.” Andrew may be best known for his night photographs of trees and waves in which he casts bright theatrical lighting on the natural phenomena, implying drama and narrative through technological means. In “Metre,” there is no drama, no sublime natural element to be revealed. The tool of measurement itself creates our only understanding of the real-world, natural space (a span of the gallery wall) that it delineates.  The artwork literally measures itself."