Viz., 2015, Silver on wood and high density laminate, dimensions variable (each panel approx. 60 x 60 cm)

"Viz. recalls the emphasis that minimalism placed on the properties of materials.The very title of this installation invites this association with modernism: Viz. refers to the Latin expression videre licit – allowing something to be seen. The contraction is used to direct attention to what has come before or to what has just been stated in a text. Viz. seems to situate itself in relation to the discourse of visual modernism. However while modernism, and minimalist sculpture in particular, looked towards the essence of materials, the mirrored portions of Viz. turn attention away from material stability. Instead, how this piece constitutes itself as ‘to-be-seen’ arises as the central question here. The undulating squares waver between essence and appearance, withdrawal and reflection. Viz. continues an exploration of photography and sculpture found in Still Water. Still Water transforms what photography records (a weir in a river in Ontario) into a dynamic spatial experience – en exterus..."

(excerpted from the forthcoming (Fall 2015) catalog accompanying Andrew Wright's exhibition Pretty Lofty and Heavy All At Once by Ola Wlusek, Randy Innes, and Carol Payne.  This portion from Randy Innes' essay "Photography 'en exterus': Andrew Wright and the Expansions of Photography")