Mould #2 (Photo) Writing Degree Zero, curated by Joan Foncuberta launched in Reggio Emilia

"One of the the aims of the suite of photographs titled Coronae, is to posit the possibility that pictorial content or depiction is not necessarily a precondition of photography.  Coronae's images are the result of 'collapsing' the camera, the lens, and light-sensitive emulsion into a single object: tiny holes were drilled directly into and through 35mm colour reversal (slide) film canisters and they were subsequently left to expose in bright sunlight for approximately 1 hour.  In a way, the method by which an 'image' appears becomes the very subject of that same image, and the photographs become self-reflexive manifestations.  That which is literally depicted is a hole, an absence that stands in for a visual presence.  The resulting patterns that float on near endless black grounds remain indeterminant as they variously allude to forms of the cellular or microscopic, while suggesting astronomical structures existing at an infinite scale.  These images run counter to the prevailing predescribed and precise methods of photography as exposure times remain guesswork, artistic authorship is held at bay, results are unpredictable, and the notion of 'image' itself is perhaps re-oriented."