Martha of the North (Trailer) by Marquise Lepage - NFB


I was sitting beside a fascinating woman on the plane to Iqaluit. She was on her way to northern Québec to visit her Aunt who is dying of cancer. When she was 5 her family was forcibly removed from their home in Inukjuaq and relocated to Grise Fiord in an effort to populate the far north. They lived in a tent on the tundra for more than a year. She was then placed in residential school in Manitoba. Last year the NFB made a film about her life and all that she has achieved.

It was lovely to meet you Martha.

From the NFB website:
"In the mid-1950s, lured by false promises of a better life, Inuit families were displaced by the Canadian government and left to their own devices in the Far North. In this icy desert realm, Martha Flaherty and her family lived through one of Canadian history’s most sombre and little-known episodes."