Convention Submerged in Wright's Still Water

Here's a link to the recent interview I gave to Guerilla Magzine about Still Water:

By Tony Martins  /  Photos courtesy of the artist

Andrew Wright’s Still Water exhibition now on display at Patrick Mikhail Gallery literally throws a curve at conventional ideas of image-making. In this show, six austere steles dominate the gallery space with a physicality we don’t normally expect in photography. (ste·le, noun, an upright stone slab or pillar bearing an inscription or design and serving as a monument, marker, or the like.)

Imprinted on the steles are photos of a shallow waterfall that Wright found along the Grand River in Cambridge, Ontario. Shot with a huge lens and an immensely powerful flash, the images are of fast-moving water that has been photographically stilled, but the vast blackness above the water is of equal importance in the works. Here, even Wright’s powerful flash cannot illuminate the space, making it what the artist calls “indeterminate.”

Ominously motionless like the rocks of Stonehenge, these photo-objects offer more questions than answers. Wright calls himself an interdisciplinary “lens-based” artist because he would rather uproot conventional photographic assumptions than follow along with, say, changes in technology or the traditional ways of seeing an image.

We talked to Wright about the Still Water exhibition....