RBC Painting Competition & uOttawa

Huge congratulations to Colin Muir Dorward, who defended his MFA thesis just over a month ago, for receiving an honourable mention in this hugely important, national competition!! To boot, this was Colin's second nomination.

Congratulation also to new MFA student Jessica Bell who was another of the only 15 artists from across the country who was on the shortlist!

And a reminder that our own professor, Martin Golland, received an honourable mention in 2009.

AND part-time professor Melanie Authier also received an honourable mention in 2007.

Let's not forget yet another part-time professor, Jennifer Lefort, was shortlisted in 2007 also and who won the $25,000 Joseph Plaskett Award in 2005.

Oh yeah, then there's former MFA and part-time professor Andrew Morrow, who was shortlisted for RBC in 2004.

Hmmm....then there's Amy Schissel, former MFA who was also a finalist for RBC in 2007.

Yes, and professor Jinny Yu who earlier this year won CAO Mid-Career Artist Award...

If it seems like there are an unusually high number of people associated with the University of Ottawa achieving great things in the field of painting and contemporary art you'd be right. I thought the same thing when I heard CBCs Gian Gomeshi mention yet another part-time professor, Carole Wainio in his comments immediately before the prize announcement on Thursday (her list of accomplishments is too long to get into here!).

I'd wager that, per capita, Ottawa-Gatineau and particularly the Department of Visual Arts has the highest incidence of laureates in the field of visual art than anywhere else in the country. Whether by design, by accident, or a whole lot of both, clearly something is going on here.

Dear world: dispatch your journalists, your reporters, your critics, your curators, your mavens, and bloggers to tell the world what's happening in Ottawa!